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Our data protection policy

We, as the administrator of BeMyBoss application administrator, we take your privacy rights seriously. We will not sell or share your personal information with any third party without your expressed consent. The BeMyBoss application and website is owned by Polaris Management Consulting Kft.

To whom this data protection policy concerns

This policy defines what data we need from you and why we need it. We consider any data that can be used to identify you as your personal data, such as your name, your email address, your phone number, and these are not made available to the public. This policy does not apply to our co-operating partners who promote or recommend to you their products or services on our website - they have specific policies that is managed by them.k.

What data do we collect and do we use them?

We ask you to provide information about what kind of job do you want and we use it to match it with our employer partners offers. You create your own profile about yourself by registering to our application. To identify your identity we ask your email address and phone number and we use it for keeping the personal contact, to inform you about any relevant job offers by email or phone, or to respond to your inquiries or, if you specifically agree, to send newsletters about our new products and services. If you meet an employer's job offer based on the information you provided, we will always ask for your consent in every case for your personal contacts and CV forwarding, and we will connect you with your prospective employer only. When you connect, you will always know exactly to whom and for what position we will send your application. While performing our service, we may also need to involve an external partner, for example, for interviews. If this is required, we will also ask for your consent to transfer your data to them. During the selection, you may need an interview (personal, online, or by phone), or testing (either we do it or our contractual partner). where we may add your skills to your profile which increases the accuracy of our service. You will always be notified about the extension of your profile, and you will be required to approve us to use it. The extension of your profile is not completely automated, it always done by human supervision. Neither during registration nor in the selection process we collect and store special personal information about you like health, ethnic, religious, sexual orientation or political affiliation. The BeMyBoss application collects information about using the site using Google Analytics and Albacross, which includes your IP address, browser type, and pages you've visited on our website. We are collecting them anonymously and used to learn our visitor's habits and understand them so that we can improve our service..

Who has access to your data?

In relation to the data processing: we use an external partner for registration, with whom we have a separate data processing agreement and who is fully GDPR-compliant. If you meet an employer's job offer based on the information you provided, we will always ask for your consent in every case for your personal contacts and CV forwarding, and we will connect you with your prospective employer only. When you connect, you will always know exactly to whom and for what position we will send your application. The database containing personal IDs is only available to employees of Polaris Management Consulting Kft (the owner of BeMyBoss application). According to these policies, the owner of BeMyBoss application, Polaris Management Consulting Ltd. does not sell or make any personal data to third parties available in any way, except in the following cases: - a data transfer order we got from the court, - to prevent a criminal offense and the law requires us to do that - sells the BeMyBoss application or the ownership of the application will change in any way, in which case we will inform our users in advance.

What other rights do you have and what other type of principles do we have?

Lawful, Fair, Transparency of data processing, and Accountability and reliability Principle: - We only do what you actively accept us to do, and we record any event that happens with your registration and your profile. You can request access your personal data and we share it with you upon request. Data Minimizing Principle: - only those data we ask you that we need to do our job and nothing more. Accurate and up-to-date processing principle: - if you experience a deficiency, discrepancy or any inaccurateness in your data, please let us know, and we correct it immediately. Protecting the integrity and confidentiality of personal data, ensure data security and prevent data security incidents: Accessing to your data is significantly limited and we will do our best to avoid any data security incidents. The principle of limited storage and the right to be forgotten at the database level: - we will delete all data you have entered and from which you are personally identifiable or what has been created during our cooperation at your request. We store your data for up to one year after your registration..

General rules in legal language

By actively accepting this privacy policy the user expressly agrees that the data contained in this website is intended solely to inform the users in general matters regarding to job search. The Polaris Management Consulting Ltd. as the owner of the Site ( DOES NOT TAKE THE LIABILITY FOR ANY ERRORS OR CONTENT DEFICIENCIES OF THIS SITE AND DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE INFORMATION, SOFTWARE OR OTHER TYPE OF INFORMATION’S ACCURACY AND ALSO THE TIMELINESS, CONTINUITY, COMPLETENESS OF INFORMATION PRVIDED ON THIS SITE, AND FREEDOM OF VIRUS OR OTHER DAMAGING CONTENT.

The POLARIS MANAGEMENT LTD CONSULTING is not responsible for the content of those third-party websites in any kind, in relation to reliability and safety of data provided, which can be accessed via links placed on this website (hyperlink or otherwise). These websites activities are not covered by this privacy statement.

Processing of personal data

By registering to this website, you voluntarily accept of processing the data contained in this statement. If you use the website as a visitor, we collect personal information about you by using of cookies solely as described herein, to a limited extent. If you register on the website your data specified during registration is used solely in order to share and manage the operation of the website: information about the job search. The POLARIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING LTD will do its best to protect the confidentiality and safety of personal information acquired in its business activity. The access of data is limited. The POLARIS MANAGEMENT LTD CONSULTING seeks to ensure the safe of storage and handling of personal data and seek to prevent such data from loss, misuse or unauthorized disclosure. Sharing your personal information with third parties can happen only for the following reasons:

• If the data will be provided at your request, and the third party has a business relation with POLARIS MANAGEMENT CONSULTING LTD (excluding see the aforementioned "operated by third-party websites links" ); or
• If you, as a registrated user of the website specifically requested or authorized us to provide information; or
• If the publication of the information is requested by a court order or other law or regulation obligatory; or
• If the data should be made available throughout the sale of the whole or any part of our company or any warranty action (in this case you will be informed).

The website information collected from visitors and registrants is retained only as long as those services are necessary, otherwise without your explicit request up to twelve months. When service delivery is complete, we delete the data. If you wish to update your information, modify or delete from our records, please contact us at:

You have the right to seek information on the handling of personal data from the company and turn the data protection authority (NAIH) or a court.
The POLARIS MANAGEMENT LTD CONSULTING has the right to change this current version of this privacy statement, if necessary, in which case the new privacy statement will be introduced in thirty working days after the change. Please make a visit to this website from time to time in order to be up-to-date with the changes.